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Posted on October, 2013 by A. Bessy

What do you thing about veggies and fruits currently in the stores?

I am often joking that you can take a tomato drop it to watch it bounce back into your hand and be ready to be put back on the shelf... Today produced are made to last not to taste!

It is not what I am after. For me the way to go is to find a good local organic food source, and if you think the same way that I do this web site may be for you. It is built to share my quest for a better food source or produce your own food. September 2013 is when bought 26 acres.

This site is to share the transformation of that land into a farm. This will be a journey to share the learning lessons, success and failure in the quest of providing better quality and more natural for myself and for local consumers. I am not a farmer yet and my family is not counting any but learning is what makes life interesting and the power of internet is to share to learn together.

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